We are unashamedly proud of our sweets—voted "Salt Lake City's Best Desserts" five years running. You're sure to find just what you're craving at Gourmandise—we have the widest selection of made-from-scratch European pastries & desserts in the Salt Lake Valley that are the perfect pick-me-up to enjoy in our café, or ideal for our special gathering or event.
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Cakes, Tarts & Cheesecakes Individual Desserts
Our assortment of made-fresh-daily cakes will boggle the mind—both because of the variety and because of how completely unique and delicious each is. Come in and have just a slice (if you can) or take a whole one with you. Special orders welcome—we can make the size and version that's perfect for your group, party, celebration or merry gathering of any sort.
We have an individual dessert for every taste—richer-than-rich chocolate ones, gorgeous fruity ones, rich-and-creamy ones, golden-and-flaky ones........... well, you get the picture.
Cookies & Treats Holiday Specialties
Our exquiite offering of cookies & treats has something for everyone— scrumptious old-fashioned American treats like chocolate chip cookies and caramel apples to exquisite European sweets like Palmiers and Sacristains.
We love celebrations and enjoy creating delicious desserts, breads and pastries for a wide variety of holidays. We make some that are customary and refreshingly traditional and others that are new and uniquely suited to beautify and celebrate holiday occasions… from Greek Easter Bread, Tres Leches and Yule Logs to Pumpkin Spiece Cheesecakes, Heart-shaped Strawberry Tarts and Christmas Cookie Trays.
List of Holiday Specialties
(Coming Soon!)